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My name is Bernice (Berny)

Some people find it hard to pronounce my name.

You can pronounce it as BER-NIS.        [SMILING]

I'm an passionate holistic health coach.
By Profession I play a role in the corporate world, and simultaneously

being a holistic health coach is my deepest passion and inner call.

Finding my true purpose of  Life and achieving it was nothing less than a

battle with my own mental wellbeing, physical body and social life.

Some pain in our life becomes our silent killer, because not all pain we go through can be explained. It simply goes unexplained! Because we often find people listen to you for a reason and not to understand  you.

My life had become like the wave that breaks while hitting the big rock at the shore. The rock represents my health related issues and the torments from the people around me. But every time I gushed through the rock (my problems), I still stood strong to continue my journey. This was more and more challenging every time. Certainly, I was fortunate enough to acknowledge my intuition and receive abundant LOVE from my family. 

I strongly trust that everything happens in our life for an reason, If not I had gone to depression and other major health issues I would have not known the purpose of my life, as it eventually healed through an holistic approach. I believe that doctors will diminish the symptoms, but they cannot heal me.

Most importantly, our determination and positive perspective to life plays the major role in transforming our lives. Eventually, if you are not self-motivated, you need that good motivator  in your life.

As I began my learning journey to holistic health coaching, I started giving health coaching session to my friends and to be very honest they started having the positivity in their lives. They could feel the positive energy and motivation through me. There's nothing more joy I could feel in seeing my loved ones transform their lives. As I said above....... EVERYTHING in our LIFE happens for an reason. 

Living a healthy and happy life is EXTREMELY simple and cost effective.  But modernization and unlimited desires make our lives complicated.

It's my MISSION to inspire and transform the lives of those people  walking around in pain, anxiety, depression, feeling unloved, de-motivated, Sad and so on......... 

I help clients with their personal and professional lives.

I would love to work with you as your holistic health coach, and here are some key benefits you are guaranteed to receive with me as your coach, given that you are ready to explore the journey to boundless health and joy. So here you go;

  • I will be working one-on-one with you to discover and understand any imbalances in your life, so you will be able to take action in your relationships, business, and health to create the life you want to be living.

  • You will be discovering the ways to happy relationship to your body.

  • I will  help you to make long lasting and sustainable changes to your health, mindset and overall wellbeing.

  • You will experience my strong non-judgmental attitude and maintaining confidentiality throughout the course.

  • and much more to be an enthusiastic human being.

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